Sunday, December 30, 2007

Katie is 2 months.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Debbies Pillow

Debbie got a beautifully embrodered pillow that Beth made. As well
as a candle holder from Beth & Chicks wedding.

Gifts from Grandma Beth

Grandma Beth gave everyone their Christmas gifts early this year. All of us recieved beautiful Santas or Nativities. ( I have no idea what Sean is up to)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Spooky Grandma

Grandma Fulton was an awesome witch.
She gave me a break and held Katie while I got some food for Brax & myself... which Brax ate mine and his.. he is a big eater for such a little squirt. He is extremely quick at snatching pizza and soda. Once he takes it it is his.

Dunking the Principal

Sean is dunking the Principal. He was in the tunk before her, so he is soaked. It may be Arizona but it was chilly that night and being soaking wet made the water seem really nice.

Sean threw 12 pitches and landed 2.... hahaha.. don't tell his softball team. :)

Mrs. Nance is a great sport. She was egging him on trying to distract Sean.

There was a large crowd watching, enjoying, laughing.

Fall Festival CTA

Grandma & Grandpa Fulton came to help out.
Grandma has Katie. Sean is in the dunk tank. Parker is on inflatebales.

CTA Fall Festival

Alden had a great time hitting everyone with his snake.
He had no fear going down the 15' inflateable slide.
Alden ran up and pushed the lever when Sean was in the dunk tank, it didn't work, but it looked real cute.

Fall Festival for CTA

Brax has a great time. He would not get out of the stroller. He loved being pushed all around.

Trunk or Treat

One of the few pictures we managed to take. Alden is batman, Brax is Robin, Parker is spiderman, and Katie was an Ewok bear (she is behind Parker).
They had a great time. Sean passed out candy while Kris took Katie and her league of Justice Heroes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Craft

So what do you think??

My latest creation, 30x7, We may not have it all together but together we have it all.

Thanks to Jana, who gave me the statement.

This rings true for a lot of us.

Once again I am making pieces for gifts for the Holidays. I am planning on having a sale on Black Friday from 11-3. I will have similar pieces, clocks, family plaques, etc.

As every year this is how I earn my Holiday spending money. If you know anyone who may be interested send them a copy of this picture.

Thanks, Kris

Friday, November 9, 2007

The dress I made the day before, not out of laziness, procrastination, or being a busy working mom of 4... all reasonable excusses. However this little dress scared me. I was completely intimidated by a piece of fabric. Silly?! Yes!

So, why make it? I could easily go to JCPenny and by one or borrow one from family. The problem with that is that I really wanted to make it. I felt and feel so strongly that it is just one of those strong convictions that move us and push us beyond our comfort zone. This was definately it for me. I have taught myself how to use many tools and to some using power tools may be intimidating but to me I am more nervouse about the sewing needle blazing through my finger than I am of my table saw spit a chunk of wood at me, or the whirl of the mider saw. At the same time when I press the foot pedal I get an adrenaline rush, like I am flooring it in the Z3. How funny is that?!

I was afraid of making a mistake on her blessing dress. It wasn't my dres. It was Katies'. My girlfriend Jana came to the rescue in true mom fasion. Jana has made oddles of blessing dresses. She is extremely GREAT! at making them. She said she would coach me and not do it for me which was exactly what I wanted. So on Saturday I had my confidence in check Jana at my house and I was ready to roll. I took my sweet time making sure I was happy with each step I was doing. It turned out beautiful. I was exhausted by the end and poor Jana was too. She was running on 4 hours of sleep plus 8 hours of making a blessing dress. This was a prime example of true friendship.

The next mornng Church was at 8am she was there with her 6 kids & hubby Brandon supporting us. After the blessing she brought her family over to visit and share in this special day.

Cute, Crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, Nov. 4th 10 am
We just arrived home from Katies' blessing. It was beautiful! It was a very sweet blessing. I am go grateful for Sean being worthy to have the Priestood and bless our children. He has blessed each of them and each one is a very special tender moment.

After we were home Sean & I laughed over all of us matching. It was not preconcieved. It takes so much work to get everyone ready and then on top of that we matched! I wish this could happen on family picture days. So this could possibly be our Holiday family photo, just consider this your sneak peak. LOL.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pre Halloween Boys dress up

Halloween Boys

Our Boys are getting their wiggles out. They are practicing all the things that they won't be allowed to do on Halloween night. Parker was throwing webbing everwhere (pretend of course). Alden was getting upset until he was reminded of Batmans utility belt and that by pushing a button he can make the webbing fall off. Parker thought that was unfair. And Brax thought his eye mask was a head band like Katies hair thingies. He was sure no matter what that it stayed on his pretty hair. Brax was all over dog pile and superhero wrestle. He was good too.

Batman & Robin ' Knuckles'

I let my kids wear, play and jump around in their Halloween costumes about two weeks inadvance. This is to my advantage in a few ways 1)they get use to their clothes. 2) I can take fun pictures that otherwise I would be too rushed to take. 3) It is a reward. I will have a Batman, Robin, & Spiderman this year for Halloween however all three turn into Flash when I offer superhero clothes to those who clean up. Its not bribery... it is creative negotiations. All Moms are great at it.

A Time to Share

I are really excited!!!! Rachel you are the bomb! (to you young things, that is a compliment) Several of my friends recommend for me to 'do' a blog. I thought it was nuts. But as I have been making slideshows of our new family I realized I was nuts! :) I can say that easily.

I am so excited ot be able to share this with our family, friends, and other yahoos who are just as crazy as us.

So look out family, friends, and yahoos .. do you really what to know what this crazy mom is up to? no probably not.. it may exhaust you. BUT as long as I am making time for you all that is what matters most.

Lots of love, Kris