Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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July 27, 2009 First Day of School

Cool 2nd Grader!
Cool Kindergartener
Sean is ready!!
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Cinnamon Rolls are Yummy!

Katies first real cinnamon roll. She loved it!!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Parker #4

Awesome Derby Car
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Parkers AWESOME car!!!! #4.
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Here is comes.....

I wann it!
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The Pout

The pouting has begun!!!
The best way to end it.... send in the tease!
it works.
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Only Mom will do

Move over Kids I want Mom!
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I won't go back!!!
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Water Day!
Still too cold for Katie
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Katie grabbed our windmills after I told everyone not to. She is starting her stinker face. It is sooo funny!!
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Katie our Belle

Katie loves the Library!!!
She goes in and sits by herself & just looks & turns pages.
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The best cake EVER!!!
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The CAKE!!!!!

Parker was to make a cake for the Blue & Gold Banquet on Wednesday. Kris was told on Monday night about midnight. Plenty of time for a working mom of 4 to pull this off with Parker. The criteria: Parker had to decorate it. It had to be Blue & Gold. It had to be American.

We had a hard time deciding. Parker wanted "The Scout'' a portrait from Norman Rockwell.... yeah - not kidding.

So we grabbed a WD 40 can from the garage & went to town cutting & frosting his cake.
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What did you learn???

I don't know... can you just tell me?
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Braxs train
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What Alden did.
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Parkers favorite part
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not even 15 minutes

not even 15 minutes to go get ready and the boys have taken 300 costco 5 oz cups and made a 'domino' throughout the family room.
(Sean was on duty)
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Meet Grandma Yancey

Grandma Yancey!
A wonderful woman. A Classy Lady. She has more experience than Dr. Phill and Oprah combined and much better advice
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Family Photo

An update photo of all us. The kids are doing great!! We are have a fun time pretending to know what we are doing. It works. We are have a great time.

Kris' Bels Palsy is really more managable. As long as she can control her stress she can continue to have success. The house hunt makes it diffucult but we are strong enough in our faith to endure our bundle od challenges.

We love you all!
~Sean & Kris
Parker, Alden, Braxton & Katie
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How many ways can you eat a cupcake?

#1 ---- don't drop a jimmy.

Peer pressure is great
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