Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pre Halloween Boys dress up

Halloween Boys

Our Boys are getting their wiggles out. They are practicing all the things that they won't be allowed to do on Halloween night. Parker was throwing webbing everwhere (pretend of course). Alden was getting upset until he was reminded of Batmans utility belt and that by pushing a button he can make the webbing fall off. Parker thought that was unfair. And Brax thought his eye mask was a head band like Katies hair thingies. He was sure no matter what that it stayed on his pretty hair. Brax was all over dog pile and superhero wrestle. He was good too.

Batman & Robin ' Knuckles'

I let my kids wear, play and jump around in their Halloween costumes about two weeks inadvance. This is to my advantage in a few ways 1)they get use to their clothes. 2) I can take fun pictures that otherwise I would be too rushed to take. 3) It is a reward. I will have a Batman, Robin, & Spiderman this year for Halloween however all three turn into Flash when I offer superhero clothes to those who clean up. Its not bribery... it is creative negotiations. All Moms are great at it.

A Time to Share

I are really excited!!!! Rachel you are the bomb! (to you young things, that is a compliment) Several of my friends recommend for me to 'do' a blog. I thought it was nuts. But as I have been making slideshows of our new family I realized I was nuts! :) I can say that easily.

I am so excited ot be able to share this with our family, friends, and other yahoos who are just as crazy as us.

So look out family, friends, and yahoos .. do you really what to know what this crazy mom is up to? no probably not.. it may exhaust you. BUT as long as I am making time for you all that is what matters most.

Lots of love, Kris