Monday, March 31, 2008

We are Ready for the Egg Hunt. Yes it is 5:50 am Easter Morning. The boys were up earlier today than Christmas Morning. So excited to be having our Easter Egg hunt in the family room which Parker said ' was so CRAZY", go to Church and see our friends, go to Griffins house for another Easter Egg Hunt, naps - not so thrilled, but then to Grandma Yancey's house for another Easter Egg Hunt. Alden said this is so AWESOME" And Brax was all smiles.

Chinese Food Night

We make chicken & sticky rice and give the boys their choice of three dipping sauces. This was a real hit. They negoiated who got which one and Brax took the lion share. He might be the smallest right now but he will fight for his food and yours. Parker only wanted the Ranch. Alden wanted the sweet & sour. Brax wanted them all Ranch, Sweet & Sour, & Terriaki. He finished the boys when they were done. The boys loved it. We will be doing this again and again.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning before the sugar rush. The boys were so excited to do a egg hunt in the house. Katie was a bit surprised at her crazy brothers. She got a cute musical bunny mobile in her basket. The boys got sea ceatures that expand when they get wet. All the boys love bath time. So they were very excited.

Church was at 8:00 so we made it at 8:30a after we dove into a few pieces of candy.

Bath Buddies

We love bubbles.

Our Valentine Party

Brax Loves Pink cupcakes. YUMM!
OHH!! YES! HE DID. HE shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

Say 'So Yummy'

I LOVE Nutty Buddies

Brax was a not sure until we ate off the tops.

OHH !! So YUMMY!!!!