Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alden on Dads back.
They survived.
Dad as a tug boat.

Aldens ride is over.

not with out Dad!!!!

Braxs' turn

Brax was very excited and paced the walk way while Dad took Alden. Finally Brax was ready to go.

Jumping in with Dad.
Brax pacing the walk way. He loved sitting on the step of the hot tub and watching Alden and Dad go by. Parker, Katie & Mom were by his side.

Oh yes he did!

Brax is potty training. On Saturday morning he ate his pink potty chart stamp. He was pink all over rom nose to navel. The chin and throat stayed for a few days but here is the proof.
Brax loves his hair. So the only way to wash it is to make dino hair, roar, then rinse. He does not like to have his hair washed.

Katie being well trained by Alden in getting on the action was all over the dram a in the bathroom and was headed that way as quickly as she could. She was very giggly.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wonderful News

No No... we are not expecting.

Finally after a summer of missed pictures we bought a new camera. We have searched high, low, in, out, and through every inch of this house, garage, and van our camera was and is officially lost.

So as we relearn the photo programs enjoy the new pics.

Katies New Trick

Katie loves her bottle.
'Hi' Katie, how are you?
Katie is being so good as we are waiting for Sean to hurry up getting something from the store. The boys were going nuts with in seconds. It is amazing how slowly 23 minutes goes when you are waiting in a van with four little squirts.

Yes! I really am this cute.

Katie crosses her ankles when she rests and turns to see who is watching.
Katie is not too sure of Moms' new camera.