Friday, December 26, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Later than usual.

Dear Friends,
We created our card and loved it. We had a mishap at Costco and after three miss prints we settled on thier layout and designs. Not to say Costcos is inferior, we just really liked our. So this delayed ours being cirulated until now.

Scroll down to see out Christmas letter.
Please email us so we can add you to our friends list.

God Bless,
All our love,
Sean , Kris, Park, Alden, Brax, Katie

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lila and Ellie

Ellie is feeding Lila fruit loops.
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Hi Girls

Keri and Ellie.... hahah... the aple didn't fall far from the tree.
Sorry , Keri This pic is priceless!!!
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Sean giving Alden pointers on his launch.
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The boys had to wait till after the party to fish, it was torture.
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Fishing in AZ

Kiwanis Park in Tempe, AZ
We are celebrating Kim & Craigs daughter, Lila Adam 1st birthday We took our fishing poles and did 'placibo fishing' which is casting without hooks.
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Sean takes Kris out for her 31st birthday. We had a wonderful time. It took awhile to get use to no kids in tow or 'Tacky' our 1970s diaper bag with green vinyl interior. It truly felt like a date from our pre kids era. Thanks to Sommer for watching the kids. Yes, As always Kris let her togo box at the table. HAHA Some things don't change.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,
We have had challenges that no one could have predicted. We have been stretched, strengthened, seen miracles, been exceedingly blessed, and continually amazed at our Saviors love for our little family. In a cynical world it is easy to replace 'lucky' for 'blessed'. We are not lucky. We are blessed far beyond what anyone can hope for or possibly dream of coming true.
Kris' recovery has been rapidly improvement since she was able to receive improved medical care. About eight weeks after her new treatment her paralysis was significantly reduced and restricted to a portion of her face, often she refers to this stage as her 'Quasimoto' look. The treatment caused major swelling throughout her body. Her commitment to nutrition and exercise has been a significant factor to her physical recovery. Now the paralysis is just slightly noticable. She still has difficulty smiling a full smile and closing her left eye, but these are minor concerns compared to the road she has traveled with the full body paralysis.
Our children have been blessed with health, ambition, determination, and energy. As parents, we have been schooled many times by them. The quick humor and creative thinking has left us stumped many times. Our advise to all parents of boys or girls two years old and up, keep 'desolve it' and 'Goo be gone' on hand at all times and near your first aid kit. These items will remedy most of your childhood emergencies.
Kris has tackled her deep fear of being a Mom of a girl. Kris can now add sewing, hair bows, and girlie things to her talent list. For Kris having a girl was a huge concern, knowing she would have one as 'unique' as she was. Katie has to been the most easy going mellow child. Now at fourteen months Katie is playing, walking and crawling, signing and talking, and always attempting to escape. While our tough army boys have turned into drama boys. We have a better understanding of what our parents have gone through. We appreciate our parents for letting us live to adulthood.
We truly love this time of year. For our family it is full of celebration with four birthdays(Grandma Beth-8th, Kris- 13th, Megan-23rd, and Parker-29th), Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years. With so many family birthday it helps us to teach our children about our Saviors birth. We offer each child four gifts for Christmas and stick to a budget. We have taken on several traditions of our childhood and incorporated them into our little family. Our kids look forward to the games, food, decorations, home made gifts, stories, and pictures. This is difficult to do with little ones being nearly eight, four, nearly three, and fourteen months. This is so worth it. Amazingly our oldest remembers these traditions from a few years ago when he was three and four years old.
We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Love, The Cederstroms
Sean , Kris, Parker, Alden, Brax, and Katie

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

White Out

Just hours before our Sunday Primary Program Alden and Brax paint their faces with white out. It doesn't come off easy.
Yes they went to Church with it on their faces.
Alden told everyone that looked: " I'm Gorgeous. White out doesn't come off'
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandpas Last Visit

Our Boys loved it when Grandpa came to visit. They all bunked in Aldens room and didn't want Grandpa to go so they could share a room. Overall the boys were good. BUT, we didn't know how many would survive the night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Parker, Alden, Braxton
Aug 2008
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Parker, Alden, & Braxton
August 2008
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Taking the reins.

I have always hid a part of myself from people. The only one that knows my vulnerable side is my Hero, Sean. I have been dealing with the the affects of Miller Fischer syndrome aka bi-latteral bells palsey and the many side affects that go along with it.

My self esteem has been the hardest 'thing' to regain besides the loss of my boobs... maybe my humor could use some work, too. Ha Ha. When I create plaques, clocks, bows, or anything despite the reason. I feel myself coming back to me in pieces of sand.

I look different. I have regained most of my nerve conections in my face, enough that people who don't know me don't notice my limitations immediately. But friends who have not seen me in a year say I look different. That is hard to take. People who willingly get their face altered surgically go into surgery desiring some improvement. I knew that I wasn't a 8,9 or 10 but I was content with me. Now, I don't feel like I fit on the grid because every 4-6 weeks I look different. I have made a huge transformation from Quasimoto, what I call my face when it was completely paralized for 2 months, to this new image that I can't nickname. Everytime I hear "You look different'' it hurts , weither it is said with good intentions or not. It makes it hard.

I am willing to do what is needed to return my body back to its full health. It eat well. I walk 2.5 miles nightly in less than 45 min. I am recommitting myself to me. It only improves my relationship with everyone family, friends, clients, strangers, etc.

I will create more beautiful pieces than I ever have before. I know I can do it. I will return stronger and probably still not funny.

( The reason for my unusual post - My Dr. Wong, Neurologist, asked my to get real with loved ones about what stage I am in. Others need to be reinvolved into my life. This gives me a safe out. I will succeed! )

Love ya'll

Time To Be Creative!

Katie Loves her new throne!
... so do the boys.

Katie can get easily in and out of her chair.

Our Family night board. It turned out great! We are creating our own characters to represent each of us. This will help get the kids excited for family night.
The chair is a rocker.

I am very proud of what I have made. I really needed some down time and in a matter of hours on each project I made two awesome pieces.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Katies Bows

Katie gets great reception with her Leia bows. She wobbles her head side to side and sooner than later she pulls them out to destroy.
Kris doesn't mind. She loves making them for Katie. Usually during her 20 minute break Kris can bust out 2 sets.

The last of Braxtons' long hair.It was inbetween his eyebows and lashes and after 3 haircut on Sat. It is now boy short. He is a new kid.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Aldens Fourth Birthday

Wanted to share with all of you some of the fun we had.

Alden wants to go to Makutus next time. After going to Laurens birhtday party there. I can see why. It was so much fun!!

Laurens B day at Makutos

Lauren turned four years old two weeks before Alden but they had their birthdays on the same day.
Alden loved Lauren birthday. He had a lot of fun.

Naptime at Ruckus Kids

We are exhausted. The kids all crahsed. Yes there are 8 little ones sleeping all at once. It is a miracle. :)

Logans' & Aldens 4th Bday

Thanks Alden. Happy 4th Birthday!!
This is good!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YUMMYYY. Brax ate his enjoying every bite.

We went to Logans for dinner. Alden was turning 4 years old and we needed a fun place to eat. Sean and I were beat. The floor was covered in peanut shells and the boys were happy to contribute to the mess.

The food was great!! The boys loved the kids meals and the rolls and cinnamon butter. Brax was in heaven. It was odd to request a table for a family of six. We don't go out to eat too often, so it was an awakening moment.

Our server was friendly. The boys loved how tall he was. Alden asked if he was a cowboy. The waiter totally lived up to the image.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not My Color1

Painted Alden

Alden snuck into Mommies room when he was in a room restriction for teasing everyone to the point of the other kids crying. So he unlocked Mommies door, climbed up onto the counter in the bathroom, used her new lipstick and painted his face, ear to ear, neck to hairline. He couldn't wipe it off so he washed his face, wiped it on his shirt, wiped it on Daddies towell, and then came down to confess and get help. IT was so funny!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alden on Dads back.
They survived.
Dad as a tug boat.

Aldens ride is over.

not with out Dad!!!!